100 creative photography name ideas for busine4ss instagram
July 23, 2019

60 Creative Photography Name Ideas For Instagram or Facebook

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It’s not an easy task to become a photographer. Standing out in the ocean full or talented photographers are a more tough job. If you want to start a photography business, being only a passionate photographer will not work. You need to brand yourself, you need an identity. If you are interested to grow your photography business then you should have a creative name for your photography business whether it is on Facebook or Instagram or offline studio. So, look no further, we have brainstormed 60 Creative Photography Business Name Ideas For Instagram or Facebook or for your offline studio or wedding team. You can use these combinations by following our guideline to have a creative and unique photography brand name of yours.

What to follow if I want a unique Photography Name particularly for my Instagram or Facebook?

If you want a unique Photography Instagram name for your business then I would highly suggest going with your own name. Just like Brandon Woelfel, Sam Kolder, Alen Palander. As an advantage people will know your photography business as your name. How cool is that? Noticed? They don’t have any extensions after their names like Brandon Woelfel Photography or  Alen Palander Photos. This is what we call personal branding. And this type of business names known as THE STRONGEST.
Brandon Woelfel Alen Palander Sam Kolder

What if the unique name is already taken?

Put your surname first. Or use special characters in between your name. I am sharing a few ideas below which you can use as your Instagram photography name.

  • “yourname”.photography
  • “yourname”_photography
  • “yourname”_photos
  • framesby”yourname”
  • colorsby”yourname”
  • “yourname”captures
  • “yourname”pixels

What if I don’t want to include my name in my photography business, I want something unique or I want to form a Photography team/Studio?

Here are a few examples you can take the ideas from to name your photography business.

  1. Colors of Portrait
  2. New View Photography
  3. Ace Photos
  4. Photographic Inc
  5. Ambient Portraiture
  6. Exposure Studios
  7. Blue Sky Studios
  8. Black Diamond Studios
  9. Capture Your Memories
  10. Moments in Hearts
  11. Celebration Photography Studio
  12. Creative Buzz Photography
  13. Citizen Photos
  14. Shoot n Share Studio
  15. Click Studio Captures
  16. Color Shot Studio
  17. Don’t Blink Photography
  18. The Day Dream Photography
  19. Face Print Lab
  20. Focal Point Studio
  21. Frame Me Please
  22. Freeze The Second
  23. Happy Pixels
  24. Honey-Lens Pictures
  25. Xaptured
  26. Say Cheese Photography Studio
  27. Lens Queen
  28. Lensation Photos
  29. Precise Memories
  30. My Tilted Tripod
  31. Photoberry
  32. Picturesque
  33. Portrait Innovations
  34. Pro Photo Hub
  35. Rare Moments
  36. Shutter Up
  37. Silhouette Photography
  38. Soulful Memories
  39. Square Frame
  40. Stopcam
  41. The Artsy Lens
  42. The Camera Club
  43. The Dark Room Portrait Studio
  44. Iconic Portraits
  45. Tilting Perspective
  46. Exposer Photo Booth
  47. Vibrant Shades
  48. Zoomin Moments
  49. Zoomin Photos
  50. Vivid Snaps
  51. Imagix Photography
  52. Click-o-grapher
  53. Studio Bokeh
  54. The Perfect Capture
  55. Memories and Moments
  56. 24×7 Photography
  57. Three Sixty Five Photography
  58. The Colorful Frames
  59. Dream Art Photography
  60. Adventure In Colors

Special Note: Before choosing your photography name ideas for Instagram or facebook, make sure the name is available as a domain. So that you don’t have to worry if you want to launch your photography business websites in the near future.

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